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1. Information Technology Based Collective Funding Services ("LPBBTI") is the provision of financial services that connect Lenders with Borrowers in direct funding through an Electronic System using the internet.

2. LPBBTI activities are subject to and comply with all provisions of laws and regulations related to LPBBTI.

3. RupiahCepat is an Indonesian legal entity licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority, providing, managing, and operating LPBBTI.

4. RupiahCepat can only access, obtain, store, manage, process, and/or use User's Personal Data after obtaining consent from the User.

5. RupiahCepat is only allowed to access the camera, location, and microphone on the User's communication device.

6. Users are required to read and understand the characteristics of RupiahCepat's products, transactions, agreement content, including the upper limit of funding facilities adjusted to the User's capabilities before making a decision as a Lender or Borrower. The User's decision to utilize FinTech Lending is a manifestation and evidence of the User's understanding of this information.

7. Credit Risk or Default and all losses arising from or related to the lending agreement are entirely borne by the Lender. No institution or state authority is responsible for default risk and such losses. RupiahCepat is responsible in the event of negligence or errors caused by RupiahCepat, resulting in losses for the Lender.

8.The Borrower hereby acknowledges and agrees that Rupiah Cepat can proceed collection at the due date. The collection process can be done on Sundays and/or National Holidays, and will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations.

9. The use of LPBBTI or Fintech Lending services constitutes an agreement and a civil relationship between the Lender and the Borrower, so all risks and legal consequences arising from it are entirely borne by each contracting party.

10. Lenders who do not have knowledge and experience in lending or Fintech Lending are advised not to use this service.

11. Before utilizing LPBBTI or Fintech Lending services, Borrowers are required to consider the loan interest rates and other fees in accordance with their ability to repay the loan.

12. Any fraud is digitally recorded in the online world and can be known to the wider public through social media. It can also serve as valid legal evidence according to regulations regarding electronic information and transactions in dispute resolution and law enforcement processes.

13. Borrowers are prohibited from using loan funds to engage in criminal activities, including but not limited to online gambling, drug abuse, terrorist activities, and other criminal acts that violate the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia. RupiahCepat, Lenders, and Related Parties will not be held responsible for anything related to the use of loan funds by Borrowers if such use is involved in criminal activities.

Regarding User identity verification and scoring, personal data such as ID cards, National Identification Numbers (NIK), names, dates of birth, selfies, mobile phone numbers, and email addresses will be examined for conformity through demographic checks, biometric checks, and credit bureau checks by RupiahCepat's partners. This data is cross-checked with records in the systems of authorized institutions issuing the relevant identities. Therefore, Users guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the provided documents and personal data and agree to the processing of such personal data for the purpose of issuing electronic certificates and other services inherent to electronic certificates carried out by RupiahCepat's partners. In the event of forgery of documents and personal data or other criminal activities committed by the User, RupiahCepat may take legal action, including pursuing the matter with the relevant authorities.

14. RupiahCepat does not impose any charges on Users for complaint services.

15. RupiahCepat will provide the resolution and collection procedures to both Lenders and Borrowers in the event of default in funding by the Borrower.